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German Heritage Museum

2549 Niagara Road
Niagara Falls, NY

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Post Card Photo of Das Haus Museum, 2549 Niagara Road, Niagara Falls NY

Das Haus Museum - Frohliche

The Historical Society of North German Settlements will hold their Christmas program at St Martin's Lutheran Church, 322 Old Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda on Friday, Dec 4th,at 7:00pm.

We will learn about the history of the church, and will sing Christmas songs in German and English. Refreshments will be served. If you have a favorite German cookie recipe, please join us, and bring a plate to share. The public is welcome!

Contact: 716 471 2217

Das Haus Museum - Photo of Hand Made OrnamentDas Haus Museum - Photo of Hand Made Ornament

Straw ornaments hand made by Frau Elisabeth Groth of Bergholz, Uckermark

1843 home of original settlers:
“Uprooted from Prussia and transplanted in America”
Eugene Camann

In 1843 over 800 Prussians settled in the Niagara frontier, with the main settlement being in Niagara Falls / Bergholz. The basic outline of the first community is still easily discernible. Many of the descendants of the original families still live here in Niagara Falls. One of the original cabins that housed many families during the first Winter in 1843 is still preserved and is now the Das Haus Museum.

Das Haus Museum - Family Photo

Find Your Family Roots!

“I visited Das Haus and talked with the docent regarding my family name and showed the brief pieces of information I had. They were so helpful and I found out the burial places of my great, and great great grandfathers.”…John Schultz